Web Tv

In order to begin registration for the Use an ISP program, you will need the following information from  Global Network Access Inc.:
  1. ISP Company Name: 

    Global Network Assess Inc.         

  1. Primary modem number (local) 
  2. Secondary modem number (local)

   Call (800) 236-7116 for numbers

  1. User name (case sensitive)
  2. Password (case sensitive)

   User name and password will be supplied when you signup with Global Network Access Inc.


The process below shows step-by-step instructions that you as WebTV® subscriber will need to follow.

1. From the WebTV Web Homepage, select "Account" from the top bar.

Please note: subscribers must be logged on as the primary user. The primary user is the name the you chose the first time they connected to the WebTV Network service.

2. In Account, select "Use an ISP."

3. Choose "Sign Up Now."

4. Enter ISP account information:

  • Enter ISP company name. Choose "Continue."
  • Enter primary and backup dialup modem access numbers. Choose "Continue."
  • Enter user name and case-sensitive password supplied by the ISP. Choose "Continue."
  • Confirm password. Choose "Continue."
  • Choose "Use your ISP."

5. Following this set up, the WebTV Internet unit will reset and reconnect automatically to complete the change. A confirmation screen will appear to verify that the subscriber is using an ISP to access their WebTV subscription.