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Web Site Hosting
If you have ever thought of joining the online world of the Internet, either for business or entertainment, you will need a service to "host" your web site. Global Network Access Inc. is the answer. We can host almost any web site. Here are some examples of basic packages on how we can help you.

There are different ways you can place your information on the World Wide Web.

Virtual domain hosting - $30 month.

 A "virtual domain" is a name that you purchase to use on the Internet from Internic, like Global Networks domain name is gna.net. It is used so your clients can find your web site on the Internet. After you register your domain name, your web address will  be like "www.yournamehere.com."

GNA domain hosting - $10 month.

This service is for customers or businesses that do not want their own domain, but still want a web address. This can be accomplished by using the GNA domain name, followed by your name, e.g., "www.gna.net/yournamehere."

E-Commerce hosting - $40 a month.

E-commerce is the solution if you want to collect money over the Internet. We have secure servers designed to handle these transactions. So, if you ever wanted to start a business on the Internet, or simply open your business to the world, e-commerce is the answer!

Chat room hosting - $50 month.

Chat rooms are the rave across the Internet. If you ever thought about having your own chat rooms, that you can administor, then this is the answer. With our chat rooms, you can place your own banner ads / customer banner ads, to help generate revenue for you, or simply take them out. The choice it totally up to you. Your customers will love you!