HTML Programming
Most web pages that you see today have HTML coding language. HTML is the language all web browsers can translate when viewing web pages. Today, we add different type of coding languages, like Java and Java Script to bring new dimensions that HTML can't do. However, some companies do not want to take a chance on "advanced" programming languages (meaning not all web browsers can view "advanced" programming language), so they stick with the traditional HTML.

Global Network Access has a trained staff well versed in HTML. We can design a web page that best represents your business. We can take your brochure, business advertising, or product description, and create you a masterpiece. Just remember, a web page is NOT a phonebook advertisement, you are not limited on what you can say or do.

Worried about the price of a complete web page package? Don't be! Global Network Access has packages ranging from $500, including a years worth of web hosting!