Email Accounts

Let's say you have a small business with sales reps working around the country. How do you stay connected without spending a fortune? Internet e-mail is the way to go. The Internet allows you to communicate in a way that used to be possible only for huge corporations. It's no wonder e-mail has become one of the most popular uses of the Internet.

Personalized e-mail service lets you project the image of an independent, Internet-savvy company that's here to stay. Global Network Access provides the service you need to quickly set up an effective email system for you and your employees.

It is so easy to use Global Network Access e-mail accounts too, since you can simply use any web browser to check your email with our webbased e-mail system, similar to Hotmail™ or Yahoo™.

Option 1:
$34.95 a year.
5 megs of space.
Option 2:
$25 one time set up fee* (plus Internic charges).
$15 a month - billed quarterly.
Up to 8 E-mail accounts.
5 megs of storage on each account.
Additional e-mail accounts - $2.00 each.
Remote administration available at no additional cost! This will allow YOU to add / delete e-mail accounts through an extremely user-friendly interface!
Rules for E-mail: Global Network Access Inc will not tolerate the following: Sending or posting fraudulent e-mails and/or harassing e-mails, which means NO SPAMMING! (Sending a message's content to an unreasonable number of mail addresses or message areas, as well as unsolicited mailing of commercial sales pitches or any other unsolicited messages).

I understand that Global Network Access Inc. may immediately terminate my e-mail privileges at any time, and that Global Network Access Inc. can choose to deny any future access through its services if any of their rules are broken or violated - without compensation. Questions regarding acceptable use of our e-mail services should be sent to

You login here. The client opens up to show your mail.

Your mail is listed all at a once, no waitng for it to download. You can read it. Delete the mail you do not want, and download any mail you want to you computer using your normal mail program.

You can reply to mail right away without downloading it!. 

The email is clean and easy to use. If you want to reply or forward all the tools are right here and easy to use. You can print a copy of the email right from the webmail client interface.

And finally composing and sending a new message could not be easier. Check out the composing screen and see how easy it is to use.

In addition to all the functions highlighted above, you also have an address book and the ability to set filters in the interface to help eliminate some of the spam. 

Call 414-290-4622 to start your e-mail account today!