Let's face it. The Internet is now becoming the mega-shoppingmall, billions of dollars are being spent. The question is, how do you take advantage of this new technology? First step is to come up with a product / service you want to promote. Second, is creating a web site showcasing your product / service line. Third, being able to take payment for your product / service over the Internet. Now, how to you tie all of this together? Simple!

Global Network Access is your e-commerce solution. There are many ways to showcase your merchandise, from a simple picture of the product and price, all the way to your own web-site shopping mall. Whatever you want to accomplish, we can help.

GNA will create an e-commerce site designed with you in mind. We can create a shopping cart program, where the customer can look at all the products you have for sale, pick and choose, and then "check out" by paying for the purchase with a credit card. Not only will we design your shopping cart program, but we will show you how you can update it! This way you have full control over your site. Want to place a midnight special? You can when you have full control of your e-commerce site.

Our sister company, LiveNet, has created a sample shopping cart program. This shopping cart will be designed with your web site in mind, or we can create a new web site for you with the shopping cart. The sample is based on a computer store. Use your imagination. We can easily custom tailor this shopping cart program for you.

Can you afford a shopping cart program like this? How can you not? Consider this. If you open up a business, you will need the location (storefront). You then will need to purchase the cases, displays, furniture, office supplies, etc. If you do this right, you will spend thousands. Now, why not invest this money into an Internet storefront?

Now, the choice is yours. You can do a simple e-commerce site, or you can have your own shopping cart program. The sample we show will run you around $5000 - $6000. This site will be able to showcase your merchandise, calculate sales tax, shipping costs and if you have a credit card merchant account, you will be able to accept credit cards. If you don't want to accept credit cards, your site will be about $1000 less.

If you don't need a shopping cart, we can create an e-commerce site with your product line. We did a site for a company that sells "phone cards". The person would click on the card they wanted, and they had an option to buy it. Simple, but affective. As you can see, Global Network Access and LiveNet can design any e-commerce site.