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Virtual Domain Hosting

A "virtual domain" is a name that you purchase to use on the Internet from Internic, like Global Networks domain name is gna.net (and globalnetworkaccess.com). It is used so your clients can find your web site on the Internet. After you register your domain name, your web address will like "www.yournamehere.com." A must in the business world.

Common questions and answers requarding web page services.

Web Site Account Pricing

Set-up fee
Monthly fee
Disk Space
30 MB
Monthly Bandwidth
POP3 mailboxes
8 (3 megs each)
E-mail Auto Responder
FTP access
Front Page Supported
Domain Name submission included
CGI bin support
Server Side Includes
PERL Support
Additional MB of Disk Space
$1.00 per month
Additional E-mail Auto Responder
$3.00 each per month
Additional MB of Bandwidth
$0.05 per month
Additional POP3 mailboxes
$3.00 each (3 megs each)

Domain Names
A domain name is your private address on the Internet that allows browsers to easily find and remember the location of your web presence. The InterNIC has authority over .com, .org, and .net domains. They charge $35 per year, and requires the first 2 years to be paid in advance.

Global Network Access Inc. can help you choose and register your domain name. If you already have a domain name being hosted by another company, we can transfer it for you. You may check to see if your domain name is available by using their Domain Name Lookup page.

Ready to place your order?

First, you must read and accept our Terms of Usage.

Then, contact us and a sales representative will call you back to complete your registration. (We need a signed web contract and payment before the web page is set-up).

For immediate registration, our sales department can be reached from Monday to Friday, 11a.m. to 7p.m. CST.

Call (800) 236-7116