Database Applications

In today's fast-paced business environment, the only way a company can stay organized is through databases. The two major factors limiting employees from gaining this information are:
  1. Accessibility -- It is difficult to view and work within the database if one is off-site or using a different platform.
  2. Proprietary Client Costs -- It can be quite expensive purchasing client licenses for each type of database you own.
The solution: Simply put an interface to your database on your intranet or internet server. A browser-based Java™ application will allow all of your clients (on-site or off, or on ANY platform) to connect to your database whenever you wish them to. This will save your company money, time and resources.

Other database solutions Global Network Access can help with:

    databaseGUI interface to a database for Windows or UNIX
    gui databaseClient-Server database solutions
    data base programmingThree tier database applications
    data programmingX-Windows and Curses based database applications for UNIX

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