CGI Programming
CGI or "Common Gateway Interface" is a 'behind the scenes' programming technique to liven up your pages. LiveNet (the sister company of Global Network Access) has developed CGI scripts and programs on a variety of platforms an OSs. Take a look at some CGI programs in action currently running on web pages.

cgi programming The "Quicktip" section of LiveNet's pages is a simple yet useful example of CGI programming. This program inserts a random snippet of text or html code into a web page as it is being downloaded into a browser. (Hit your browser's reload button to see it in action, when you visit LiveNet's site.)

cgi scripts Visit to view a customer site containing a search index for jewelry. This site uses a proprietary database engine designed specifically for their search requirements.

cgi At, you will find an online database of job postings. The design includes a web based system administrator's package for day-to-day maintenance and 24/7 data entry capabilities.